apostel daniel makonen

ሐዋሪያው ዳንኤል መኮንን

Apostel Daniel Makonen Biography

Pastor Daniel Makonen is the founder Gospel Light Ministries International (GLM), which serves to the body of Christ, predominantly to Ethiopians all over the World. With more than 37 years in ministry, Pastor Daniel is committed to bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to people all over the world, edifiying the saints with a powerful ministry gifts of the Holy Spirit. Pastor Daniel received the vision for Gospel Light Ministries International in 1989 while pastoring the church in Washington DC. After years of prayer and preparation, Gospel Light Ministries was launched in January 1992. Over the years, the ministry grew rapidly. After receiving a call from the Lord to move to Ethiopia to plant churches and train ministers, Pastor Daniel and his familly moved to Ethiopia, in September

2000. Now, in Ethiopia, the minstry has grwon vastly and is serving over 5000 members. His weekly radio broadcast declaring the kingdom of God is heard around the world.

A native of Ethiopia, Pastor Daniel came to the Lord at age sixteen and gave his life to fulltime minstry at age eighteen. Ever since he started serving the Lord, God has used him in a mighty way to magnify the name of the Lord with great signs and wonders. The name of the Lord was magnified and millions were reached at the time comunisim was overtaking the country.

ስለ ምድራችን እና ቤተክርስቲያን ወቅታዊ ሁኔታ

(ከ14 ዓመት በፊት) ስለ ምድራ ሁኔታ የጌታ መንፈስ በፓስተር ዳንኤል. . .

በአሜሪካ ችካጎ በ1990 እ.አ.አ በፓስተር ዳንኤል መኰንን የቀረበ

እግዚአብሔርን ድምጽ መስማት ዮሐንስ ወንጌል 10፤1-5 ዕብራውያን 1፤1-3

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